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PJSC "ZAREM"- Maykop reduction gear plant

For more than 45 years "ZAREM" has designed and produced gear units for many branches of industry.

"ZAREM" was founded in 1974 by the ministry of Machine-Tool industry for the USSR. Today Zarem is a private owned
company that produces customizes and specialized gear units.

Our plant is equipped to with the machinery necessary to fully manufacture gear units of any complexity..

Today we can offer you different helical, bevel, planetary gear units and geared motors with range of ratio from 2 to 2 000 and transmitting torque from 315 up to 2 500 000 Nm.

Application of original configurations and modern technologies allows to create reliable and effective gear units for metallurgy, power, mining, lifting and chemical industries.

Our gear units are as good as any products in the world today.

In 2001 "ZAREM" implemented the ISO 9000 quality management system in order to make the production process more effective.

We improve quality every day, keeping the production period as short as possible.

All products produced by "ZAREM" are certified by state standards of the Russian Federation and have all relevant conformance certificates.

Materials and components we receive from our manufacturing partners also conform to state Standards of the
Russian Federation.

"ZAREM" allows customer input into choosing bearings, seals, and sleeves for each gear unit. Our products have a two-year warranty.

"ZAREM" can produce shaft and gear connections according to the costumers required power, rotation speed and work condition needs.




High load gear units for heavy conditions and high speed rotation with grinded involute gears, carburization and chevron gearing

Gears that grinded to an involute profile and are made of allow steel and high temperature tempered steel

Passive and active systems of lubrication with forced oil circulation and cleaning

A system of oil heating for low temperature climates (-60to-20 degrees C)

A system of oil cooling for high temperature (+50-100degrees C)

Gear boxes that can be equipped with couplings and brakes

Different bodies of gear boxes for different climates

Strengthened steel or cast-iron gear boxes

Special paint for gear boxes

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The ZAREM Advantage:

Cylindrical, helical and bevel gearing
Chevron gearing and gear grinding
Involute and Novikov gearing
Planetary gearing
Custom design and production
Models for different climate zones
Short production periods
Easily maintained products
Variety In delivery options

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